Stone carries out an unrestricted selection process for vacancies; registrations are open! - EZFICE

Stone carries out an unrestricted selection process for vacancies; registrations are open!


Stone ran an open admissions process to find new talent. This is version 15 of the Recruitment Stone. There are no space restrictions. The program emerged in 2014 with the aim of finding the best talent in Brazil. Find out how it works and who can participate.

Recruit Stone is already responsible for employing more than 4.000 people. The program is understood as a talent program. Therefore, anyone from any region can participate and apply for a job.


Stone is recruiting: find out how it works

By visiting the program page, applicants can enjoy what Stone calls an immersive experience. In addition to tests and interviews with candidates, the selection process shows the company's culture.

The goal is to get to know everyone outside of the course. That said, Recruit Stone gives candidates the opportunity to introduce themselves. According to the company, it is also an experience of self-knowledge and personal development.

The process is divided into five steps. The first is registration, which includes life tests and reasoning tests. This phase will continue until September 15th.

The second stage is a life questionnaire stage. Candidates then carry out group dynamics and interviews. Next comes the immersion phase, including recruitment and completion of the selection process.

The Candidate Portal brings together all the information and support everyone needs to follow these steps. Those approved will receive mentoring, participation in high-impact programs, personalized training and other benefits.

Candidates must observe the deadlines for each stage to ensure the continuity of the selection process. After completing the first registration and indicating the email, the company sends an alert to the candidate to continue with the other steps. Remember that all information is also on the candidate portal.