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Credit card for negative people see how it works.


Some people who are deeply in debt decide not to get a credit card because having one can seem overwhelming. They worry that this will increase their frustration and feel that they should pay off all their debts first.

There are tools that help people with bad credit get a credit card, such as salary deduction tools, or tools that allow customers to demonstrate that they can manage their debt well.


People with bad credit history can use credit cards. Below is a list of these cards.

People with bad credit history often cannot get credit cards. Below is a list of cards they can generally apply for despite their names.

Some tools include negative groups in the base part of the tool. Here are some of these tools:

  1. Mercado Pago Card (prepaid)
  2. Nubank card for creating a limit;
  3. PagSeguro Card;
  4. Inter Consigned Card;
  5. Agibank Consigned International Mastercard Card;
  6. Daycoval Mastercard Consigned Card;
  7. Bradesco Elo Consignado INSS Card;
  8. Banrisul Mastercard Consigned INSS Card;
  9. CAIXA Simple Card.

The payroll card is used by people who do not have debts, as they can deduct part or all of their bills, salaries or benefits (if the person is insured by the INSS). The list below mainly consists of these payroll cards.

Low risk of default means lower interest rates and longer payment terms. Approval is easy and cannot be forgotten.

Nubank is a Brazilian bank that offers credit cards. The card allows customers to convert digital account balances into credit on the card. The maximum amount available for conversion is R$5.000 for national and international purchases. Another feature of the name above is the card that allows the customer to configure Nubank's maximum limit.