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Can you pay bills with your Nubank credit card?


Advances in technology have made many everyday services easier, such as payment receipts. You don't need to stand in line or even leave the house for a while because you can do everything safely on your cell phone! Nubank customers can use their digital bank credit card to pay and even pay for documents.

The idea is to let people centralize all their expenses on their credit card bill, as it makes it easier to keep track of all the expenses for the month and who knows, at the end of the month, know which points can lead to big savings.


Paying documents with a Nubank credit card

For digital banking, customers can pay for documents with a credit card through the Nubank app. In addition to the convenience, you can also pay in installments with lower interest rates than other banks.

  • Open the bank application;
  • Go to the “Pay” option;
  • Then click on “Pay bills”;
  • You can scan the physical bill or enter the barcode;
  • Then click on “Choose payment method”;
  • Select the “Credit card” option;
  • And the time will come to choose the number of installments. In 12 times, maximum.

After that, the customer needs to review all the information, that is, check the amounts and payment. Are they correct? Just click “Pay” and confirm the transaction with your password.