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Bradesco Visa Platinum Credit Card


Bradesco Visa Platinum

Banco Bradesco is a 100% Brazilian company founded in 1943 in Marília (SP). The aim of its founders was to provide a democratic bank for immigrants, small traders, farmers and the general public. Thus, eight years after its creation, the institution became the leader in private banking in the country.


Therefore, over the years, Bradesco Visa Platinum has created several mechanisms to stay ahead. Furthermore, it was the first bank in Brazil to launch a credit card.

Today, the group is made up of private pension, financing, investment, consortium, leasing, digital account companies, etc. Everything offers a full range of services to customers.

Of all the products and services that Bradesco offers, the one that interests us most are credit cards. However, the agency has a very strong directory.

Therefore, many people may have doubts when choosing the best product. Therefore, we have listed the main plastics in each category. Check out! High income

Bradesco Visa Platinum

For those who want to accumulate miles, co-branded cards are also a good option. Anyone can apply for the Bradesco Visa Platinum, as long as they can prove that the minimum income is one salary

Plastic offers Clube Smiles customers 4 points per dollar on corporate purchases and 3 points on other purchases.

Likewise, other customers earn 2 miles for every US$1 spent and 3 miles for every US$1 spent on Gol tickets. By purchasing this card, users can earn 15.000 bonus miles.

In addition, plastic offers other benefits such as free checked baggage, access to Gol's premium lounge, boarding and priority check-in.

Keep in mind that this plastic can also accumulate qualifying points. In other words, the mileage of category upgrades.

The Bradesco Visa Platinum Annual Fee is R$576,00 or 4 times R$144,00. You can request additional cards. However, the cost is 50% of the holder's value.

For the basic set of Bradesco credit cards, we chose three options. For this type of plastic, the minimum monthly income reaches R$4.000,00.

So, it's worth remembering that these products are for those who are just starting out. Therefore, the only essential benefit of this level is the accumulation of points.